The Warrior Tree
AKA Wounded Warrior Tree

Benifitting Lone Star Warriors Outdoors
Helping to get Combat Wounded Veterans in the Outdoors

The Wounded Warrior Tree or "Warrior Tree" was created by Kim Moore, and Dr. Anthony Davis with the help of Chris Gill to provide funds to Lone Star Warriors Outdoors, to help get Wounded or Combat Injured Warriors from Afghanistan and Iraq into the outdoors for mental healing. Chris has been getting Combat Injured Veterans in the outdoors for many years with Lone Star Warriors Outdoors (LSWO) and see's the benefits of not only the outdoors, but what the guys being around others that have been in the same situation can do. Many of these guys cannot talk to family or really anyone that has not experienced the horrors of war. You have to have been there to understand it. The suicide rate right now of Veterans is roughly 22 a day according to the VA, which is 22 too many. Allowing these warriors the time to bond over a camp fire, tell stories about their hunts and talk about the war, is just what they need. We have heard on many occasions that this program has saved their life. This is not associated with the Wounded Warrior Project in any way.

The point of the Warrior Tree is for business to setup a Christmas Tree and take donations for Lone Star Warriors Outdoors. Once an individual makes a donation, they are able to sign an ornament with their name, amount, write a personal note to the warriors or really anything they want. At the end of the allotted time, all ornaments are sent to Lone Star Warriors Outdoors along with the donations. The ornaments will then be given to Wounded Warriors when they go on hunts, or other outdoor adventures. This is a great way for everyone to help these guys who have sacrificed physically and mentally for our great Nation and it means a lot to them to see the notes of encouragment. For more information please call Chris Gill at 903-253-5604 and we can set you up with the information you will need to put a Warrior Tree in your office.

For more information on this, please visit The funds raised go toward fuel to get to hunts, air fare, purchasing rifles, scopes and other hunting supplies for the warriors as well as food an anything else they need.


We would like to see your Warrior Tree setup in your office no later than November 1st. The reason is most people will not put a tree up that early, so it is a great conversation starter. When someone walks into your office and ask why your tree is up now, it gives the perfect opportunity to tell why. We have found that a majority of the donations come in from November 1st to the second week of December. Once the individual makes the donation, the office will give them a boot (printed on construction paper) that they can then write a note on and hang on the tree. When the tree is originally set up, there are no decorations. The decorations are the boots given by those that donated. We do suggest that you put things around the tree and/or on top that represent a military theme. Please look at the picture to the side of one of our trees last year. They did a lot of work that was not required but had an awesome outcome. You can put some camo presents under the tree, or hang a military uniform next to it, or a hat on top instead of a star. The possibilities are endless. One doctors office last year had patients bring in pictures of war veterans from family members. It was a beautiful sight.


We would like to see the Warrior Tree run from November 1st to the end of December.



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Local Supporters
Davis Medical Group 1379 Brad Circle, Lindale, Texas 903-881-5165
Jet Center of Tyler 209 Airport Rd, Tyler, Texas 75707 903-597-1334
Heritage Land Bank 17752 Hwy 69N, Lindale, Texas 903-638-8511


For more information on how to get a Warrior Tree in your office, contact Chris Gill at 903-253-5604 or

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Wounded Warrior Tree and Warrior Tree is a product of Lone Star Warriors Outdoors, 501 (c)(3) and may not be used without written permission.
This is not a product of the Wounded Warrior Project and has absolutely nothing to do with that organization. All funds go directly to Combat Injured Warriors that go through our program helping to get
them back in the outdoors and help to prevent Veteran suicide